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Couples Institute Training

Welcome to our private website. Here we host three programs:

  1. Developmental Model – Level 1
  2. Advanced Training Program
  3. Mentor Program

The website is set up so that you can see only the programs that you are currently in.

Whatever your needs, we at The Couples Institute are pleased to be part of your professional journey and honored that you have chosen to work with us. Here’s a brief description of each program. The title of each program will link to that program it if it is one that you are in.

Developmental Model – Level 1
This program integrates Attachment Theory, Differentiation Theory and Neuroscience into a specific model designed to improve your diagnosis and treatment approach to all types of couples. In this 12-month course you receive printed lessons every 15 days and you have a clinical conference call once a month. In addition, our Bonus Calls provide sessions with guest experts.

If you are not already a member click here to sign up.

Advanced Training
Therapists who have completed Level 1 are invited to join “The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy: Achieving Clinical Excellence with Difficult Couples.” In this Advanced Training program we will use your clinical cases to fine-tune your application of the Developmental Model. For each phone session, we have 1 or 2 cases from participants and I teach principles and intervention strategies from the clinical material provided.

If you are a member of the advanced group, you also have access to all the materials in Level 1.

Mentor Program

This program is for established, successful therapists who are ready to expand their business in new, exciting ways.  Participants roll up their sleeves, develop new skills and reach a new level of expertise in training therapists, delivering workshops, developing products or marketing programs for couples. We work with you to develop an integrated plan, find the right resources and take a significant leap forward.

Once again, for information and registration in the Developmental Model – Level 1 group, click here.

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