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FREE Audio Training: Hostile Angry Couples

Finally, Personalized Couples Therapy Training –
Without Traveling

Ellyn22Ellyn Bader, Ph.D
You are just a few clicks away from being able to…

  • Quiet the panic that comes from not knowing what to do
  • Stop dreading sessions with angry couples
  • Work skillfully with affairs and narcissistic partners
  • Integrate attachment and differentiation-based interventions with highly distressed couples

All this and much more is possible.

I train couples therapists around the world. I know that being an expert with couples requires vastly different skills than being an individual therapist. I repeatedly hear even seasoned professionals declare, “I’m an experienced therapist, but I still dread when that fighting couple comes in.” And too often, I hear couples complain that all their previous therapist did was let them fight.

Now you can know what to do, why to do it and when to do it. You will get 24 written lessons, monthly phone calls, interactive blog discussions and quick consultation on your difficult cases.

I would like to tell you more about all the different aspects of this comprehensive training program. So, please enter your name and email address in the box to your right and click the “Tell Me More” button.

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More kind words from your colleagues who have taken my trainings

Thank you for teaching such an outstanding class“Thank you for teaching such an outstanding class. You made it seem like an art form. Your clinical examples were always so instructive. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I signed up for a course on the computer, as I felt technologically challenged, but you made it so accessible.”

– Carol Hollander, LMFT,  Tucson, AZ

Not only has it had an impact on my work, but I think it’s also helped my wife and me“It’s been a tremendous experience for me to be on the course all the way across the Ocean. Particularly I like the format with the recordings on the web. I’ve been appreciative of how open my classmates have been with their struggles and many times they echo mine. Not only has it had an impact on my work, but I think it’s also helped my wife and me to have a closer relationship.”

– Ben Bennett, Auckland, New Zealand

Ellyn, the tele-classes have been just great“Ellyn, the tele-classes have been just great. Seeing your courage and hearing it has helped me have more courage. I appreciate the way you teach because you make such a clear connection between your theory/model and its direct application with real couples.”

– Ann Walter, MA, LMFT,   Atlanta, Georgia

This course is arranged and orchestrated beautifully“This course is arranged and orchestrated beautifully. Things in sessions are getting clearer now that I try to have one specific objective for myself for every session. I don’t tend to get as stuck. The most effective and helpful tool is that you provide both audio and written material. That helps me stay focused and also helps me review what I want to go back and grab again.”

– Gail Gabriel, MFT,  Pleasanton, CA

About Dr. Ellyn Bader

For more than 25 years, Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. has helped couples transform their relationships. She is widely recognized as an expert in couples therapy training. Ellyn is creator of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, and Co-Founder & Director of The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California. Ellyn and Pete have trained thousands of therapists throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Ellyn and Peter are the authors of “In Quest of the Mythical Mate: A Developmental Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment in Couples Therapy. Written in 1988, this book is still used in graduate schools and training programs across the country, and is in its 15th printing. The California Association of Marital & Family Therapists awarded the book the “Clark Vincent Award” for its outstanding contribution to the field of marital therapy.

They have been featured on over 50 radio and television programs including “The Today Show” and “CBS Early Morning News.” Married to each other for 24 years and working together for 22 years, they have had multiple opportunities to practice what they preach.



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