Dr. Ellyn Bader

The Hostile-Angry Couple

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Thank you for stopping by. This free audio is part of an innovative training program and is designed to help therapists with one of the most challenging aspects of our profession: skillfully working with distressed couples.Listen to the audio and you will gain improved clinical skills and self-confidence.

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If you do the challenging work of couples therapy, I encourage you to read this important announcement about a new training program for therapists. It teaches you to be confident and poised in the face of a wide range of couples’ problems. You can help those couples that most other therapists would refer because of feeling inadequate.If you take this course, in just twelve months from today, three things will be true that are not true now:

  • You can stop flying blind when faced with storms of hostility, painful distancing, passive aggressive behavior, affairs, and narcissistic entitlement.
  • You will help couples communicate more effectively. Even better, you will strengthen their ability to communicate fears, distress, hopes, concerns, values and interests that support the connection and bond they seek.
  • You can integrate attachment theory, differentiation theory and neuroscience to become a skilled therapist who generates referrals from valued colleagues and satisfied couples.

Thanks for your interest in couples therapy,
Ellyn Bader

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