Dr. Ellyn Bader

Course Objectives for Advanced Training

Advanced Training
The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy:
Achieving Clinical Excellence with Difficult Couples


  1. Integrate Developmental Theory into Stage-Specific Interventions in Couples Therapy
  2. Identify Developmental Arrests that Impede Couples’/Partners Growth
  3. Manage emotional volatility after infidelity is revealed
  4. Utilize the Initiator-Inquirer Process to Build Empathy
  5. Recognize 4 Ways of Managing Anxiety that Impede Marital Growth and Contribute to Depression and Anxiety in Married Partners
  6. Interrupt Rapid Escalation of Hostility
  7. Distinguish When to Make Directive Interventions and When to be Non-Directive
  8. Identify Intrapsychic Conflicts and Structure Sessions to Promote Resolution of These Conflicts
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