Dr. Ellyn Bader

How does Q&A work?

For designated Q&A calls, you will have the opportunity to send in your questions before the call. I ask you to put your name with your question, so I can call you by name and “unmute” you on the call.  In this way, I will be able to speak to you directly.

You can also “raise your hand,” which I’ll explain how to do on the call, and ask questions then. First priority will be given to those that come in ahead of time because I can integrate them into the teaching segment.  Everyone on the call will be able to hear the questions and answers, so it’s a valuable learning experience for everyone.

Some calls will be clinical case consultation. You will be able to notify me at any time if you’d like to present a case. I will ask you to supply a transcript of one session and specific questions that challenge you with this couple.

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