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Petes Call

Listen to Dr. Peter Pearson as he reveals a new approach with couples to…


  •  Change their attitude toward change
  •  Utilize a four step process, Safe and Sane Communication
  •  Make confrontations more collaborative
  •  Skyrocket homework compliance




If you work with difficult couples, you can now…

Get Out of the Middle:
Make Your Toughest Couples
Work Harder Than You Do –
AND Get Faster, Better Results



What if you could get your most challenging couples communicating like seasoned pros – in your next session?


Sound impossible? Actually it isn’t.


In fact I have done this with hostile couples on the verge of divorce – in the first session.

And you can learn how by listening to a recording of my conference call.


Imagine getting couples to communicate in one or two sessions what would normally take months of difficult, straining, stressful work.


I developed this approach out of sheer survival. For the last twenty years I have seen an average of 20-25 couples per week. So you know there were a lot of severely distressed couples showing up.


Feeling helpless and powerless in the face of high conflict couples who would not listen to each other or to me was painful. I was starting to burn out.


Taking care of myself outside the office was no solution to the anguish in the office.


Sending them to individual therapy was no solution. They would be too skillful in presenting themselves as the victim of their partner’s torment – not because they were evil but because they were in so much pain.


I really had only two choices. Stop seeing so many couples and admit failure as an expert couple’s therapist. Or develop a new approach that made them work harder – and get better faster results.


Upon choosing the second door, I discarded or modified conventional models of working with couples and did a lot of experimenting with different ways of approaching them. I kept trying and testing different models.


Eureka! I found it.


I now have more energy and enthusiasm for being “The Court of Last Resort” for severely distressed couples.


They work harder, get better results, and I am more peaceful and content when working with them.


I have shared the results on a conference call, and you can hear it now.

 You can purchase a recording, complete with handouts, for only $37.00.

Just click Get Out of the Middle.


First you will enter your name and credit card information. Next you will be taken to a page with links to two short videos to prepare you for the call. Showing these two compelling videos to your couples will save you hours of frustrating work with your couples.


You will also receive three downloadable handouts.


Specifically you will learn how to:

  •  Change couples’ attitude toward change
  •  Utilize a four step process, Safe and Sane Communication
  •  Make confrontations more collaborative, easier and simpler 
  •  Skyrocket homework compliance


You can learn how and actually begin applying this approach in your next session – with your most distressed couples. And when they leave your office, you’ll exhale with confidence and relief, knowing they had a transformative session with you.

Get Out of the Middle, for just $37!

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